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Rosetta Steps assists local families in combatting COVID-19

Thanks to an online fundraiser established by Deddeh Howard Howe, a victim herself of COVID 19, the Rosetta Steps Education Center was able to help the community mitigate the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With a budget of USD $500 the organization was able to distribute 1 handwashing bucket, 20 cups of rice, 1 bottle of bleach and a dozen packets of soap to heads of 36 families from the New Kru Town, Duala and Gbalasuah communities.

Families were educated about the dangers of the disease, prevention and given contact numbers to call in the event of an infection. Telephone numbers were also collected for follow up. We are deeply appreciative to everyone who helped Deddeh make this possible. Together, Liberia and the global community will get through this together.


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