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Liberia: Forleh Foundation’s Generosity Empowers Rosetta Steps Education Center

Updated: Apr 11

MONROVIA – Ms. Marjorie Forleh, the driving force behind the Forleh Foundation, has made a significant impact on the Rosetta Steps Education Center in Caldwell, Liberia. The center, dedicated to providing quality education to children facing economic challenges, extends its deepest gratitude to Ms. Forleh for her recent donation, which includes a drone, sanitary pads, backpacks, and books.

The Rosetta Steps Education Center, situated in a low-income community, strives to create an inclusive and empowering learning environment for all its students. Ms. Forleh’s donation aligns perfectly with this mission, offering resources that open new doors of opportunity for the students.

The introduction of a drone to the center’s curriculum has sparked excitement and curiosity among the students. Coinciding with the reading curriculum of grade three students, who recently explored a story titled “A Dog and a Drone,” the drone serves as a gateway to the world of technology and innovation, enriching their educational experience.

Moreover, Ms. Forleh’s thoughtful provision of sanitary pads and backpacks addresses a critical aspect of education often overlooked—menstrual hygiene. For many students in low-income communities, access to these essentials can be a barrier to regular school attendance. With Ms. Forleh’s support, female students at the Rosetta Steps Education Center can now focus on their studies without worrying about basic hygiene needs.

The donation of books further enriches the center’s library, offering students a diverse range of literary experiences. Beyond academic growth, these books ignite the imaginations of young minds, fostering a love for reading that transcends the classroom.

Marjorie Duncan Forleh, a Liberian who left her homeland for the United States at a young age, demonstrates a deep passion for her native country through her work with the Forleh Foundation. Founded officially in 2022, the foundation sources financial and material support from Liberians and supporters based in the United States to fund numerous programs in Liberia.

The Rosetta Steps Education Center, named in honor of Mrs. Rosetta Benson Harris, a revered educator in Liberia, offers nursery to junior high school programs and various educational initiatives. Ms. Forleh’s support adds a new dimension to the center’s efforts, enhancing its ability to empower students and uplift the community.

In conclusion, Ms. Marjorie Forleh’s generosity shines as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the Rosetta Steps Education Center. Her support has brought joy, inspiration, and endless possibilities to the students and staff. With her guidance and assistance, the center looks forward to continuing its journey of educational empowerment and community development.

For those interested in supporting the Forleh Foundation’s work, contact details are as follows: Phone +12409885391, Email:


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