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In addition to our school, Rosetta Steps Education Center offers a number of other programs to support the educational and socioeconomic needs of our community

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Read to Succeed is an after school program open to pupils from other schools, and youth in the community, designed to help young learners develop academic skills. This program primarily utilizes the Early Grade Reading Assessment Program (EGRA), which was developed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and introduced in Liberia in 2008. The program also teaches phonics, incorporating reading materials from Hooked on Phonics, IXL and other interactive web based learning programs, and verbal and quantitative reasoning through interactive training methodologies.

Read to Succeed


Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM we open our doors to children in our community to enjoy a free informal social and academic experience. Most of these children have no exposure to formal education. The experience is fun, with activities like reading sessions and colouring. We do our best to provide free meals to the participants. We welcome volunteers to support us, and we also welcome donations to help cover our costs. We have offered this experience to our community since 2016, and welcome 15-30 participants event week.

Learn through Play
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Although Rosetta Steps Education Center is focused on youth, we are cognizant of the need to support adults and adolescents. Our Learn to Earn program is focused on adults and teaches core literacy skills to support employment and economic opportunity. In particular, we know there is a significant gap in literacy and other skills among small business proprietors, sellers, and unskilled labourers.

The Learn to Earn program teaches basic reading and writing skills, as well as life skills such as parenting, food and nutrition, civic responsibility, family planning and computer literacy. These lessons help participants to improve their handling of daily activities, economic transactions, and personal lives.

Learn to Earn


Rosetta Steps Education Center’s programs and services are in very high demand, and we are striving to support as many children and families as possible. We run a very efficient operation and all of your contributions make an incredible impact. We welcome general donations, as well as donations directed to specific needs. All donations are received by the Rosetta Steps Education Foundation, which uses the funds to cover the associated costs incurred by the Rosetta Steps Education Center.


Sponsor a student scholarship

School internet costs

Educational trips

Registration to IXL online learning

Learn through Play

Learn to Earn adult scholarship

$280 USD / year

$40 USD / month

$125 USD / class (25 students) 

$200 USD / class (25 students)

$200 USD / month

$260 USD / year

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